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professionals can easily connect with their colleagues and clients to build business success by sharing their complex ideas and expertise in simple, accessible and influential ways.

Being influential is more important today than ever before, especially for those working with complex concepts in the accounting, finance and tech industries.

These fields are reliant on staff from a range of culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds, who have different approaches to interpersonal communication, hierarchical structures, and showing and earning respect.

Without the skills of clear, persuasive and influential communication, leaders and team members alike fail to adequately connect with their clients and each other; they fail to inspire others to take action; and this results in lost opportunities for the individual and the firm.

That's why English for Business works at the intersection of developing: easy-to-apply communication structures so professionals can get their message across clearly and with impact; English skills and vocabulary to increase proficiency, accuracy and confidence; and cultural understanding and intelligence to ensure an inclusive, functional and compassionate workplace culture.


participants across all our courses to implement a range of communication structures to ensure clear, concise and impactful interactions.

We give explicit feedback on language and English skills with compassion and care because making change is hard and can be confronting.

We provide alternative perspectives on cultural understanding based on a strong body of research.


speak and write with confidence, clarity and structure to help you and your staff members:

present complex ideas simply;

connect with clients effectively;

ensure career satisfaction through confidence and agency;

become leaders through storytelling and influence; and

successfully drive the business goals of your firm.


is a corporate communications professional with a background in linguistics, teaching and storytelling.

She teaches and advises on intercultural, conflict and communication strategies and the development of training programs within multinational organisations in Australia, New Zealand, China, Singapore, the Philippines, Mexico and across the Middle East.

Born in Sydney, Australia, she lived and worked in France and the Netherlands for five years becoming passionate about the expat experience, intercultural complexities and building effective lines of communication, stronger unity and inclusive language and behaviour within organisations.

She currently lectures at the University of New South Wales in intercultural communication for international professionals.

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